2 Chainz Cashes In $2 Million Dollars Off “Dabbin Santa” Xmas Sweaters

2 Chainz Makes $2 Million Dollars Selling “Dabbin Santa” Christmas Sweaters

According to a Forbes report:

The latest rapper to take over Christmas is Atlanta’s own 2 Chainz. He did it not with a song, though, but with a sweater. He combined the ever-popular “ugly Christmas sweater” concept with his native city’s latest dance craze, dabbing, to create the “dabbin’ Santa” sweater.

To create–and subsequently fulfill–the demand for that design and other Xmas-themed merch, 2 Chainz put together a 70-person team. Altogether, the holiday merchandise ended up making the rapper some $2 million.

Of that money, a fair amount went back into the community via his T.R.U. Foundation. Specifically, the foundation paid for a year’s rent and new furniture for Deirdre Palmetto, a disabled veteran and single mother from Palmetto, Georgia. They also donated a minivan to an Atlanta family who lost everything in a house fire.