Baton Rouge Police Officers Revealed As Salamoni Blane & Howie Lake II

(Photos)Cops Who Killed Alton Sterling Names Identified As Salamoni Blane and Howie Lake II

Baton Rouge Cops Who Killed Alton Sterling Names Released Identified as Blane Salamoni (left) Howie Lake II (right)


Blane Salamoni, one of the Baton Rouge police officers responsible for killing Alton Sterling is a 28 year old, 4 year veteran, who comes from a family of government officials. His father, Captain Noel Salamoni is the commander of the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Special Operations Division and has been on the force for over 34 years. Blane’s mother, Melissa Salamoni is a retired captain from the same police department, working as the violent crime and crime scene commander.

Blane Salamoni & his partner Howie Lake II also confiscated the convenience store’s footage from the shooting AND the store’s entire security video recording system from the store. Both officers were wearing body cams that allegedly “FELL OFF” while restraining Alton Sterling.