Amonderez Green Shooting In Normandy, Missouri Near Ferguson

Police Say Teen Near Ferguson, Missouri Shot Himself, Witnesses Claim Police Shot Him

According to police, a teen who was suicidal shot himself in the face, however witnesses say otherwise. 

The incident occurred near Ferguson, Missouri and is drawing conflicting reports due to witnesses’ accounts of the shooting who say that cops shot the young man. 

Authorities say that the 18-year-old man and the Normandy police were exchanging gunfire when the teen turned the gun on himself.

The man is said to have fled the scene and police chased after him while attempting to stop him with a taser, “which was ineffective,” the investigating department said.

While police were pursuing the teen on foot, officers say that once they lost sight of him, they heard another gunshot.

“As officers turned the corner, they observed the unresponsive male lying on the ground and rendered first aid. The male was transported to an area hospital where his condition is listed as critical,” they stated in a release.

Here’s Some Footage Of The Aftermath and Eyewitnesses Coming Foward

Source: NY Daily News