New Rap/Hip-Hop Music World Premiere: Big K.R.I.T. – XII/XII (12 for 12) Mixtape

Big K.R.I.T. 12 freestyles over Hip-Hop’s hottest beats of 2016 which includes “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” “Lockjaw,” “Wicked”, “That Part”, “Hype” and more. Below is all 12 freestyles in one collection.

[Listen/Stream/Audio Download]: Big K.R.I.T. – Big K.R.I.T – XII/XII (12 for 12) Mixtape

1. [I/XII] That Part (Freestyle)
2. [II/XII] Country Niggas Anonymous (Freestyle)
3. [III/XII] Lock Jaw (Freestyle)
4. [IV/XII] Hype (Freestyle)
5. [V/XII] 4PM @ The Kappa (Freestyle)
6. [VI/XII] Rambo (Freestyle)
7. [VII/XII] Flying Lotus (Freestyle)
8. [VIII/XII] No Chance (Freestyle)
9. [IX/XII] Wicked Wicked (Freestyle)
10. [X/VII] SKRT SKRT (Freestyle)
11. [XI/XII] Other Side Of The Game
12. [XII/XII] Real Easy (Freestyle)