Blac Youngsta – Shake Sum (Young Dolph Diss)

New Music: Blac Youngsta – Shake Sum (Young Dolph Diss) from the ‘Young & Reckless’ mixtape download now.

Notable Lyrics:

Dolph don’t wanna play ho nigga, I’m on tour with the K ho nigga
Mac-11 smith & wesson extended clip 100 rounds on a Draco
How the fuck you the king of Memphis you ain’t from the city you from Chicago
Fuckboy you better lay low, killers move when I say so

Dolph you ain’t put in no work, you a ho on the low low
Talking about you the plug best friend nigga you ain’t selling no work
Niggas busting on you in yo own hood fuckboy you a no show
Fuckboy you ain’t cuss back, you ain’t slide through and bust back
You ain’t Craig Pettis, you ain’t kingpin of South Memphis you can hush that
You ain’t wack a nigga broad daylight, you ain’t never been a suspect