Cash Money Millionaires – Baller Blockin’ (2000)

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Baller Blockin’ is a 2000 action and comedy film set in New Orleans 3rd Ward, specifically in and around the Magnolia Projects. It is a dramatic portrayal of the everyday trials and tribulations that arise on the hometown streets of the Cash Money Millionaires record label, New Orleans, Louisiana.

A flashback to the early life of Tanuk (Juvenile) shows life in the Magnolia projects in New Orleans. Local gangster Garr kills Tanuk’s father over a debt of $2,000. Fast forward to the year 2000. Tanuk joins forces with Beatrice (Birdman), Chopper (B.G), and Teke (Turk) to meet with representatives of a drug cartel and purchase a large batch of cocaine. The film also contains scenes of everyday business in Magnolia with Iceberg Shorty (Lil Wayne) selling drugs.