Chris Brown Clowns Tinashe and Zendaya For Unfollowing Him On Social Media

Chris Brown comments made toward R&B singer Kehlani this week following her attempt at suicide, has female singers Zendaya and Tinase upset despite having current singles that feature him.

  • Zendaya’s song “Something New,” features Chris Brown.
  • Tinashe’s song “Player” features Chris.

Zendaya Gives Her Reasoning:


No Word From Tinashe Yet

Peep Chris Brown Response Below:



TEAM BREEZY, DONT GO HAM on these little girls. Notice that I’m not the one asking to get on anyone’s record, this is them thinking they are standing for something. Im not in a group nor will I be concerned this much with an opinion. I’ve ran through the mud and took it like a man. I don’t care if the celebrities don’t like what it is. They don’t like me anyway because they have to be second. You don’t open the door for me, I kick it down. So team breezy let’s not be petty wit these children. There is a difference between career and life. Y’all are madE into figures. I WAS BORN CHRIS BROWN!