D’Angelo Russell Records Nick Young, Isolated By Teammates, and Iggy Azalea Thanks Him!

Video: Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell “Point Rat / Snitching Guard” Recording Nick Young

Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell, records Nick Young conversation cheating on Iggy Azalea with a 19 year old after the club, and if he tried to holler at Amber Rose.


D’Angelo Russell is reportedly being isolated by his own teammates over the leaked footage.

D’Angelo Russell Snitch Funny Memes




Iggy Azalea Thanks D’Angelo Russell For Leaking The Nick Young Footage

Nick Young Tweet and Delete about the situation

Nick-Young-Speaks-On-Dangelo-Russell2016 McDonald’s sale breakfast bowls, Burger King sale hotdogs, dudes taken side chicks pics on the gram, & tattle telling is cool .. I’m done.