DMX Recalls Diddy Offering Him A Deal

Video: DMX High On Cocaine Voice Sounds Bad Like Helium Tank During N.O.R.E Interview About Not Signing with Diddy in the 90s.

In the latest Drink Champs podcast, DMX shared a story with hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN about the time Diddy offered him a record deal after initially turning him down. The “Party Up” rapper recalled auditioning for Diddy before getting signed to Def Jam, and while the audition didn’t lead to a deal, DMX said that he respects Diddy for telling him to his face what he didn’t like about his rap skills.

Just three weeks later, DMX says Diddy offered him a deal with Bad Boy after finding out he was signing to Def Jam, but the New York rapper didn’t accept. He explained that if Diddy couldn’t see his talent from the beginning, he couldn’t sign with him.

Check out more of the sit-down in the above video, including DMX speaking about battling Jay Z.