Draymond Green Goons Choked Out Jermaine Edmondson Before Green Punched Him In The Jaw!

Mugshot: Draymond Green’s Crew Choked Out Jermaine Edmondson Before Green Punched Him In The Jaw


Police Report Reveals Details of Draymond Green’s Arrest on Sunday

“I was talking to one of my teammates when Draymond bumped into me and I said, ‘Hey bro can you at least say excuse me?'” Edmondson, 22, said in a statement to the East Lansing Police Department about the incident on Friday night. “… I asked who he was to think that it’s okay to bump into somebody without saying excuse me. he then said, ‘I pay for n—– like you scholarships.’ Then I started to say you have me messed up before I was choked out by two guys who were with him.”

Edmondson told police that he, his girlfriend and his friends went to Rick’s and then Conrad’s Grill the following night to celebrate his birthday, and noticed Green was there at Conrad’s as well. Edmondson told police that the NBA star was talking to his roommate when he decided to tell him that “last night wasn’t cool.”

That’s when Edmondson told police that matters began to escalate.

“As he responded to me, he began to poke me on my shoulder and I tell him that he doesn’t need to put his hands on me, we can just talk,” Edmondson said in his statement to police. “As I started to talk again, boom, I’m punched in the jaw, in front of all my friends and peers.”