Kehlani Cheated On Kyrie Irving? Back In Bed with Her EX PartyNextDoor

(PHOTO) Kehlani Cheated on Kyrie Irving and Now Back In Bed with her Ex-Boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR?

PartyNextDoor exposes / leak his former girlfriend, upcoming R&B singer Kehlani, for wanting that old think back posting a pic in bed together with caption:

“After all her shenanigans, still got the r&b singer back in my bed,” wrote PND on Instagram with a pic of Kehlani’s left hand that showed her famous ‘Woke’ tattoo today (March 28).

There’s been no word from Khelani but we do know she deleted her Instagram prior to the picture surfacing online. Check out the photos below.


PartyNextDoor Even Performed Wearing A Kyrie Irving Jersey Last March at the House Of Blues In Cleveland. Oh the irony….

Kyrie and Kehlani Two Weeks Ago….Wonder What Went Wrong

Kyrie Irving: Good ole fashioned partners. @kehlani

Valentine’s Day 2016….Everything Was All Good Just 1 Month Ago!
Kyrie-Irving-Kehlani-Valentines-Day-2016Kehlani: I was in a dark place. Feeling totally incapable of being loved, was told things like love was possible maybe but also very impossible for someone in my position.. was used to being in situations where I was so unappreciated and gave so much with little to nothing in return and slowly accepted that’s how relationships work. 75% to %20. Baby you my 50 50. Everyday with you is light. Everyday with you feels like Sunday morning. Thank you for your golden heart, I wish the whole world hot the privilege of experiencing your love, it’s an honor to know your soul. Thanks for being my bestieeee, my dance partner, my personal therapist, the Kelly to my Beyonce cuz you quick AF with them harmonies, and the greatest boyfriend of all time. It’s lit naheimmmm dream team nah’mean? First Valentine’s Day of many I believe, hope u liked ur stupid ass gift I mad, I got marker on my pretty dress for you. #ValentinesDay
Kyrie-Irving-Dating-Singer-KehlaniKhelani: LING LING. COME HEA. Miss you already dooooooode KEEP KICKIN BUTTTTT. P.S. This is us all day. Complete Stupidity.


Kyrie Irving: Nothing else really matters when I’m with you….and that’s when I knew I had someone special….as happy as they come lol. @kehlani