Airport Worker Andrew Farrell Speaks Out On 50 Cent Video “He’s A Jerk”

Video: Kentucky Family Speaks Out On 50 Cent Video Mocking Disabled Airport Worker Andrew Farrell!

Ferrell suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and has hearing deficiency and social anxiety.


“I was appauled by it…I was like who is he to judge a book by its cover which is what he did,” Andrew’s stepfather Ken Kramer stated.

Both of his parents were upset to see the video.

“Anytime someone says something negative to your children that is something hard to hear,” said Andrews mother Amanda Kramer.

Ferrell said the whole experience was weird.
“Why is he doing this,” Ferrell said he was thinking during the ordeal.

Ferrell said he had no idea he was following him and making fun of him while it was gone on, but he knows now.

When asked what he thinks of 50 Cent now, he said “a jerk.”