Kobe Bryant Earned $680 Million In His NBA Career

Kobe Will Retire With $680 Million in Career NBA Earnings

One area that Bryant did pass his boyhood idol was at the bank. Jordan earned an estimated $465 million during his playing career from his playing salary and endorsements, while Bryant’s tally will hit $680 million by the end of the season. On an inflation-adjusted basis, the two are closer with Bryant holding the edge $762 million to $720 million in 2015 dollars.

The biggest benefactors of Bryant’s historic 20-year career might be the Buss family, which owns 70% of the Lakers. The Lakers signed a 20-year TV deal with Time Warner in 2011 worth $4 billion, pushing annual operating profits north of $100 million for the team. The franchise was worth around $200 million when Bryant was drafted in 1996 and was valued at $2.6 billion in Forbes’ latest look at the business of the NBA.