Meek Mill Posts New Lyrics Dissing Joe Budden

Meek Mill Shares Lyrics From New Joe Budden Diss Track On Instagram!


“Petty niggas wanna mention my name to get acknowledged …. Hoping I react like a fool and give em violence…. I rather kill em wit success and give em knowledge…. Before I throw it all away for a sucka cuz we the hottest… My momma crib big as a church,I’m being modest…. No sleep putting in work that’s how she got it”!

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According to Joe Budden earlier this year, Minaj once referred to his “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” as “your little podcast.”

“She just sounded real stupid,” Joe Budden said in a podcast clip obtained by DJ AG. “See, that’s how we just hear different. Nicki sounded real stupid. And I know she’s stupid cause she like stupid niggas. Because Meek is stupid. I’m just giving you my interpretation. I don’t hear and see shit like the rest of y’all. I don’t. So, her saying ‘Have fun with your little podcast,’ while every major mind in the country is doing a podcast. It speaks to your level of unawareness…The older I get, I just have a problem with stupid people.”