Money & Violence Season 2 Episode 9

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  • Jhonn Milanova

    I bet rafe is fucking the new China in real life. Uncle murder is just being himself in the show. Tip know Atlanta got better numbers than n.y.. And Kane is going thru it. Joe is long forgotten and chopper is slipping . The bum on the ground is rafe. Renaldo is all fucked up. Miz girl is about to enter the Instagram thot track. And them dreads is super deep! B.r. is drunk with revenge . Shooter Shane is hangin on by a string, but standing up like a tru b.k. solider.
    Shay gets the dirty grimey bitch award. Hands down. Money and violence almost got me wanting to subscribe to tidal. I’m hooked like a fiend.

  • Pretty Petty

    I thought the same thing about the Bum on the Ground… I HATE Shay!!! I think either she gonna try and tell Damon about what happen w/ Jessica and he Bomb only her, or He run n2 Jessica and she tell him, then Bomb on Shay… I kinda think Kane is on the come up tho

  • Jhonn Milanova

    We can ride this thing out together preety ! Watching Kane is nerve racking but he ain’t laying down no more. Got 2 bodies under his belt. Baby mama drama and goons on his tail. But he slinging that irons…mister hard to kill,He needs a headshot. The plot is getting thicker. I think Damon homeboy is gonna be the next to die. I am this close to subscribing to tidal. What u think? @pretty petty