Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Covers GQ Magazine (Photos)

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill GQ Magazine Cover Story (Photo Shoot/Interview)

In the couple’d first ever sit down interview together they talked about having a “normal” relationship, their ideal double date, touring together and much more.
GQ: This is kind of a silly question but how normal is your relationship?

Meek Mill: Very un-normal. It still ain’t normal. You think so?

Nicki Minaj: I definitely think we have a normal relationship off camera. It’s the same thing I think as any other couple in the hood. We’re growing as a couple and as people and as human beings but we still have our careers, and I think probably the only thing that makes it un-normal is that we’re both successful artists, and that’s probably not normal. But other than that our feelings are very normal. Like if I were to speak to a hundred girls right now about what they go through with their boyfriend we’d probably have stuff in common.

“You know we were just figuring each other out. We liked each other. We were into each other. Once we learned how to understand each other, it was curtain closed. Everything was a go.” – Meek Mill

GQ: What’s the ideal double date that yall haven’t been on?
MM: I don’t know. A lot of people. Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats. Jay-z and Beyonce.

NM: Yeah happen to love Alicia and Swizz because they’re both so down to earth. So we already are friends with them and Bey and Jay. So those are already friends. We admire and respect them. So that’s a no brainer. On another note I like just going out with my best girlfriends and his guy friends, and we do that all the time. Because it’s fun, we’ll all get together and do truth or dare and do some crazy funny shit. We have fun together whether it’s with famous people or not, we don’t need to be around famous people to have fun.

“being in a relationship? I didn’t know if he was ready. I was apprehensive about that.” – Nicki Minaj

GQ: You guys are on tour together. Which means you guys are going to spend a lot of time together. Were there any doubts or fears about that putting strain on your pretty fresh relationship?

NM: I was excited.

MM: Me too I was excited. It’s another experience. It’s a new experience hustling with my girl.

NM: I was just touring Europe and he kept saying, ‘When are you coming home?, When are you coming home?’ It’s just not the same. But at the same time when we are working and we’re not physically together, it just heightens that excitement for me to see him, because that’s all I can think about is seeing him again. Now when we’re on tour together it just feels like a dream come true. In so many ways.