Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5

Watch Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5 – “By Any Chance”

Nova’s romantic relationship with Calvin, a local cop, becomes strained in her pursuit of justice; Charley faces her husband’s accuser; Aunt Violet receives unwelcome feedback at work.

  • Duante Amorculo

    Nova: It’s what’s within, not the package.
    Violet: I ain’t gonna lie, I love Hollywood’s package.

    I laughed so hard hearing Violet, high as a kite, bragging about how she loved how big and thick Hollywood’s package was. Conversely, it made me wonder if Nova was covering up for Calvin’s shortcomings in that area or at least suggesting he was skinny.

    “I love you but you are such a hypocrite. You peddle drugs to people you claim to want to save.” – Calvin

    He was so right. As admirable as Nova’s cause is, she is a huge part of the problem and she refuses to own up to it.