Rick Ross Fiance Was Dated Meek Mill, Justin Bieber, & Drake

Rick Ross Out Here Getting Finessed By A True Gorgeous Thot, Address Break Up Rumors

Rumor had it that once Rick got an eyeful of Lira’s past with Meek yesterday evening, the rapper cursed out his Yung Coco in front of an MTV crew at their Atlanta home, demanded his ring back, and booked her a one-way ticket to elsewhere.

Well, it seems that if Rick truly did scoot Lira onto a plane, she didn’t fly too far away. Rick’s wife-to-be was spotted sitting only feet away from him in the studio earlier today on his SnapChat account…wearing matching Jordans with her man.

And he also made a point to show off his many gold and diamond baubles and bracelets…alongside Lira’s engagement ring — still firmly in place, and commenting: “We out here…they loving our lifestyle. I hear we’re doing big things.

That Meek and Lira photo HAS been floating around for over a year…there’s no way he only found out about it in the middle of that other MMG drama last night. We could totally see Ricky suddenly getting upset about it being thrown in his face, but he had to already know that Lira and Meek and Drake and Justin Bieber had already…um…met before. Right??