Trina – Da Baddest Bitch (Album)

Trina – Da Baddest Bitch Album (Stream, Download)


Da Baddest Bitch is the debut album by American rapper Trina. It was released on March 21, 2000 through the label Atlantic/Slip-N-Slide Records.

1. “The Big Lick” (featuring The Lost Tribe)
2. “Da Baddest Bitch”
3. “If U Wit Me” (featuring Jill Sobule & The Lost Tribe)
4. “Hairdresser Skit”
5. “Ain’t Shit” (featuring Lois Lane)
6. “Off the Chain Wit It” (featuring Trick Daddy)
7. “69 Ways” (featuring J-Shin)
8. “Club Skit”
9. “Ball Wit Me” (featuring 24 Karatz)
10. “Watch Yo Back” (featuring Twista)
11. “Off Glass” (featuring Deuce Poppi)
12. “Answering Machine Skit”
13. “I Don’t Need You” (featuring Trick Daddy)
14. “I Need” (featuring Tre+6)
15. “I’ll Always”
16. “Mama” (featuring J.A.B.A.N. & J-Shin)
17. “Take Me” (featuring Pamela Long of Total)
18. “Pull Over”