Troy Ave Gun Found By NYPD Reportedly Matches The Bullet That Killed His Friend BSBBanga

NYPD Matched A Gun In Troy Ave’s Possession to The Bullet That Killed His Friend BSBBanga

DNAinfo New York is reporting a gun found inside a secret compartment in the car that was used to drive Troy Ave to the hospital has been matched by investigators to the bullet that hit and killed BSBBanga. Three guns in all were found in the hidden compartment by the NYPD auto crime division.

While it’s still unclear what happened that night, sources told DNAinfo New York that it had to do with “someone who covers the rap industry and gave Troy Ave a bad rap that started it all.” This reportedly led to a brawl that included Troy Ave and Maino’s entourages. From there, police believe Troy attempted to pull out his gun but the weapon accidentally discharged and the bullet went through his foot as well as the wooden floor, hitting Christopher Vinson, 34, who was underneath the green room on the main floor. Troy then reportedly went in pursuit of Maino and Podcaster Taxstone, firing off three or four shots in the room.