Tyga Being Sued for DMing a 14 year Old Girl Via Instagram

Gloria Allred says her 14-year-old client has been forced to reveal her identity after Tyga repeatedly contacted her, and then OK! ran a story about it, claiming Kylie Jenner busted him.

Update: According to Tyga’s manager Anthony Martini, and his team discovered that Miz O’Malia was gifted musically and had a strong following online — so they thought the youngster would be a good candidate for the Last Kings Records project.

Tyga admitted the conversation was strictly business related and that things never turned sexual. Not to mention, it’s said the up-and-comer initially claimed to Tyga that she was 17-years-old.

The rep also noted that the reason Tyga wanted to FaceTime with Molly was to talk about the collaboration and see her sing while he was in the studio with his producers.