Uncle Buck Episode 1

Video: Watch Mike Epps Uncle Buck Season 1 Full Episode 1 S01E01 – ‘Pilot’ TV Show Series Trailer, Spoilers, Preview Online

Mike-Epps-Uncle-Buck-2016-PosterUncle Buck Official Trailer

Stars: Nia Long, Iman Benson, Aalyrah Caldwell

Based on the 1989 John Candy film of the same name, “Uncle Buck” follows its titular character, a man who makes up for what he lacks in responsibility with his fun-loving nature. Down on his luck, Buck needs a job and a place to stay when he learns the nanny caring for his nieces and nephew has quit and his brother and sister-in-law are looking for a replacement. More than just family helping each other out in a pinch, Buck breathes new life into the household, while they become the anchor that helps with his problems, too.

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