Young Dolph Calls Yo Gotti “Big Head Down Syndrome Looking Nigga”

Video: Young Dolph Tells Yo Gotti Quit Using Blac Youngsta To Fight His Beef

i wasn’t gonna say nuthin bout none of this shit but, when I got to Memphis today dis the news i got…. SMH, dis pussy is a disgrace to Memphis.. Dis nixxa on sum police shit y’all better read thru da lines. And he gonna send all his nixxas out to crash out like he been doin cause he a pussy and not gonna do shit hisself.. U HATE ME DAT BAD BRA? Sorry for askin, I KNOW U DO u tried to hold your HATIN in long as you could, but i guess u can’t take it no more…. DIS DA FAKEST NIXXA IN DA MUSIC GAME AND IM SHAME TO SAY DIS PUSSY FROM MEMPHIS feel sorry for all da ones dat support this WWF ass nixxa smh

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